Our Promise

We aim to provide the best value and experience possible

At True Bearing Built, we are committed to guiding you through the challenging waters of construction to arrive at your intended destination. Our team provides an unparalleled experience that puts your goals at the center of every workday. We know that not all plans go accordingly. When that happens, we’re here to tackle the surprises with experience and creativity to keep you on track. If you have a destination – we’ll get you there.

Builder, designer, and entrepreneur Josh Williamson has been creating since a young age. Josh started and developed his talents in the building trades initially working for a Seattle-based architecture firm, then moved to a construction management focus after graduating from the UW with degrees in both architecture and CM. Working since 2007 in the custom-residential building niche, he now brings his drive and vision to True Bearing Built. Founded in 2020, TBB raises the bar for residential construction in NW Washington by offering a thoughtful approach that emphasizes local relationships, dedication to craft, sustainable practices, and a rewarding culture.


True Bearing Built is a proud member of the Skagit/Island Builders Association. Learn More. 

Our Process

By utilizing a custom approach for every project, we provide a tailored experience for each of your project phases


The idea stage can be an exciting yet intimidating one.  You have already developed a preliminary scope, there is a vision, but now come the details.  Cost expectations, schedule realities… With our experience in the design and construction industry, we can guide you through the schematic design phase by partnering you with a trusted architect or designer.


The prior planning stage sets the framework for the construction phase. Teaming with the best local partners, True Bearing Built will get your project rolling in the right way.


Coinciding with the built phase of construction, True Bearing Built puts in place a rigorous system for every project that tracks and reports costs, and puts the owner in the driver’s seat with their priorities at the center of the discussion. The management experience is custom-tailored, but can include weekly meetings, monthly financial reviews, as-needed site meetings at critical milestones and detailed billing packages with all necessary substantiation.


Our goal is to provide the best value and experience possible. Upon project delivery, we aim to have checked off all of these marks:

  • Provide excellent value
  • Provide an exceptional product and experience
  • Understand and respect the needs and values of the client
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Delivered what expected

  • Meet and exceed expectations
  • Would recommend to others