LOCATION: Anacortes, WA

ARCHITECT: Nina LeBaron, Island Architecture

CABINETS: Creative Cabinets, Anacortes


On this project, True Bearing Built was engaged to completely update the interior living spaces with new finishes and modern functionality. The kitchen was a focus, and the changes in that space alone, are numerous. By removing unused soffits and reclaiming a large void in the wall, the footprint was able to be grown. We discovered an unused attic space and suggested pushing the ceiling space above the island into that space, thereby introducing height to the kitchen. The pitch of the dining room ceiling is mirrored in the space above the island, and LED cove lighting accentuates this architectural feature. New cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting plan, and fixtures complete the makeover of the kitchen and modernize the feel of the house while still maintaining some traditional flairs. Significant reframing and leveling were completed to correct flooring dips and peaks.  The lower-level spaces were completely reimagined, resulting in a new master ensuite and guest bathroom.